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Real Estate Resources for Employers/HR

Are you a small to medium-sized company that is fast expanding? Or maybe you had to look outside of Seattle to hire for some of your more unique positions? When your new employees (or potentials) ask about the Seattle/Eastside Real Estate Market, what do you say? How about just having someone show them what living in Seattle/Eastside will be like?

Free Lunch! Yoga Classes! Subsidized gym classes! XBox or PS4? When every company seems to be providing the ‘next most exciting’ perks, what else can you provide to differentiate yourself from other companies? How about going back to basics and helping your employees move to the next step in their life plan?

This is where I can help. I’ve worked in large corporations and with HR teams for 20+ years. I have relocated internationally a few times. I understand the stress of relocation, how challenging it can be to buy a new home in Seattle/Eastside, the excitement of purchasing the first investment property, and so forth.

I customize my real estate services to meet the needs of your company. These services include:

(A) 1:1 sessions with your New Hires (or potential hires) to help them (and their families) learn about the Seattle/Eastside Real Estate Market. These can be in-person or online sessions and range from general discussions about the real estate market to neighborhood property tours. I will learn more about their housing needs including lifestyles, restaurants, schools, etc and help them navigate/visualize the relocation process.

(B) Lunch & Learn Sessions, focusing on Seattle/Eastside Real Estate. These session(s) are designed to be interactive - 30-40 mins of content and many opportunities for questions/discussions. They are done in partnership with mortgage lenders partners to provide a comprehensive view of buying/selling homes in Seattle/Eastside. These sessions are designed to be educational and is not intended to be a big sales pitch. We will touch on current market conditions (with supporting data and charts), process of buying a home, loan pre-qualification and approval process, etc. Topics can be customized based on feedback from the attendees.

(C) As A Out-of-State Relocation Resource. If you have employees who are relocating to other cities/ countries, I can also help connect them with real estate brokers around the world. Coldwell Banker Bain has one of the largest nation-wide broker-to-broker network and we will ensure that they receive the highest quality services from another professional realtor in their new city/country.

Best of all, these services are always provided complimentary to companies and there are never any hidden fees! If you are interested in learning more about any of these Real Estate Services, please do not hesitate to reach out!