1:1 sessions with New Hires (or Potential Hires)

Are you a small to medium-sized company that is fast expanding? Or maybe you had to look outside of Seattle to hire for some of your more unique positions? When your new employees ask about the Greater Seattle Real Estate Market, what do you say? 

This is where I can help. I have worked in/with HR teams for 20+ years. I have also relocated internationally a few times. I know how stressful the unknown can be and connecting your New Hire (or Potential New Hires) with a real estate professional can help alleviate some of that stress of relocating to a new city.

I will schedule 1:1 sessions with your New Hires (or potential hires) to help them (and their families) learn about the Seattle/Eastside Real Estate Market. These sessions can in-person or online and range from general discussions about the real estate market here to doing neighborhood property tours and finding out more about their housing needs including lifestyles, school districts, etc.

I address any questions they and their families may have about living in Seattle/Eastside, buying a home here or getting pre-qualified for a mortgage. I have helped numerous clients in buying their new homes here, sometimes even before they have relocated permanently! 

These services are always complimentary to companies and there are never any hidden fees! 

Call, text or email me to find out more about these services!