Lunch & Learn Programs, focusing on Seattle/Eastside Real Estate

Free Lunch! Yoga Classes! Subsidized gym classes! XBox or PS4? What other benefits can you provide to differentiate yourself from other companies? 

How about providing lunch and have employees learn about the real estate market? I can help! As your employees get more established in their careers, one of the most natural next step is to think about their finances and what it would take to buy a home in Seattle/Eastside. When employees purchase a home, they typically become more involved with their communities, and consequently, help in your long-term retention and engagement strategy. 

I provide Lunch & Learn sessions, focusing on the Seattle/Eastside Real Estate Market. The sessions are designed to be interactive - 30-40 mins of content and many opportunities for questions/discussions. The sessions are done in partnership with my mortgage lending partners to provide a comprehensive view of buying/selling homes in Seattle/Eastside.

The content of these sessions are educational in nature and is not intended to be a big sales pitch. We will touch on current market conditions (with supporting data and charts), process of buying a home, loan pre-qualification and approval process, etc. I also invest, rent and manage my own properties and can certainly touch on those aspects as well, if there is interest from the audience.

These sessions can be completed in an hour over lunch or in the evenings, depending on the preferences of the companies. 

These services are always complimentary to companies and there are never any hidden fees! 

Call, text or email me to find out more about these services!